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IDEALondon is a striking event space that fosters innovation, and the community that surrounds it, from the heart of Tech City.

“We run regular events at IDEALondon and hugely appreciate their warm welcome, relaxed atmosphere and brilliant facilities.” Vicky Hunter from 3Beards

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A striking space with tropical living walls alongside glinting glass and metal architectural features. IDEALondon can adapt to suit every event with it’s moving walls, variety of furniture, top-notch AV equipment and areas to extend into for breakouts, workshops and networking. Set in the heart of London’s vibrant Tech City and just a short walk from many major transport hubs, getting to IDEALondon is easy!

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We have a vibrant community of tech and entrepreneurial talent based here that we encourage you to make welcome at your event to extend networking opportunities beyond your own guestlist. Add to the mix the credibility of our world-class partners and highly rated supplier contacts and we believe IDEALondon is the IDEAL space for your events in tech, business and innovation.

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"IDEALondon is a great venue in a convenient location. There’s always a buzz around the building which gives our events a really vibrant and upbeat feel. The team at IDEALondon are always super helpful and will make sure your event is a success." Lisa Adcock from Cambridge Wireless

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Facility Image
Our café area is a light and airy space with an open plan kitchen, perfect for coffee meetings and taking a break from your desk. Capacity is 80 people.
Facility Image
The entrance to IDEALondon is on the ground floor. Access to the centre is through a secure entry point, with a security desk in the reception for visitors.
Facility Image
Event Space
Our Event Space provides a versatile venue to host larger events, workshops and conferences. The state-of-the-art Audio Visual system includes a projector, and two high-definition screens. Capacity is 120 people.
Facility Image
Our start-ups have a fully stocked kitchen with complimentary tea, coffee and milk including a break-out area to chat with other residents in the centre.
Facility Image
Living Wall
Our inspiring living wall brings the outdoors into the office and captures the acceleration and growth of new business in the centre.
Facility Image
Meeting Room
Our meeting rooms are available to all residents, and include a screen which can be connected to a laptop for sharing content, plus a Cisco IP Phone for conference calls.
Facility Image
Our futuristic pods are perfect for multi-functional meetings fitted with Cisco TelePresence video conferencing units and Cisco IP Phones. Each pod has a capacity of 6 people.
Facility Image
Our open plan workspace has 80 desks with ergonomic chairs, including access to WIFI, lockers and printing facilities.
Facility Image
All meeting rooms are fitted with Cisco IP Phones and the video conferencing capabilities of Cisco TelePresence, allowing you to collaborate and attend events remotely, across the globe.




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