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With a rich history of co-innovation in the technology space, Cisco works with customers, partners, start-ups, universities and governments to turn bright ideas into real-world solutions.

Cisco has always had innovation at its core, being at the forefront of every technology development that has emerged in the past 30+ years. But it also has unrivalled global scale and market reach, with the ability to deploy new technologies at pace.

EDF Energy is committed to collaborating with the very best talent in the start-up community to harness ideas and power innovation.

Our ambition is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable, low carbon society through the development of new technologies and business models, benefiting from the digital and data revolution.

The partnership with IDEALondon brings together our technical expertise, our customer insights and our people to grow and support start-ups committed to making energy better for the UK.


IDEALondon is at the centre of UCL’s provision for post accelerator start-up support. In particular, UCL Engineering, whose mission it is to Change the World, provides world-leading research and IP, innovative educational experiences and a network of sought after students and graduates for internships and employment. 

It specialises in offering access to start-up mentoring, satellite education programmes, small business funding information and unique user testing and hardware prototyping facilities. It is also a hub for global academic-business technology networks.


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Capital Enterprise’s primary mission is to help its members individually and collectively acquire the means and expertise to better support their clients: London’s entrepreneurs.

It is a network of London’s leading universities, accelerators, co-working spaces, colleges and local authorities – a community of organisations committed to making London the best place in Europe to start and scale a business.

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